Nehemiah: Rise and Build- Week 8

March 24, 2024 Preacher: Phil Courson Series: Nehemia

Topic: Nehemia Scripture: Nehemiah 11–13

Nehemiah: Rise and Build

Sunday, March 24, 2024

 Nehemiah 11-13


 Celebrate the Victories in Your Life and Persevere to the End

 Promise of Covenant – Ch.11,12

There were 6 items that were committed to on behalf of the people:

 The family – promise not to intermarry with people from other nations.

  1. The Sabbath – they were to abstain from working on this day
  2. The temple tax – pay the tax required in Exodus 30:11-16
  3. Additional provisions for the temple – not just the tax but they were to provide the wood for the altar and firstfruits of the crops and trees.
  4. Dedication of the firstborn – Acknowledging all they have is the Lord’s and is a gift from Him.
  5. The tithe – they promised to be faithful in paying tithes to God.

 The people are dedicating the wall and giving glory to God with ‘gladness, with thanksgiving, with singing, with cymbals, harps, and lyres.’

 They are having a choir sing on the walls and they are marching throughout the city with singing and giving thanks to God. - 12:38

 There is great celebration in Jerusalem and Nehemiah is showing a return to the glory of God. It is an amazing turnaround for the people of God.

 12:43 – “…And the joy of Jerusalem was heard far away.”

 Promises Unfulfilled – Ch.13a

Nehemiah left Jerusalem in the 32nd year of King Artaxerxes and returned to Persia as was promise (2:6). During this time the people returned to the old ways.

 It was during Nehemiah’s departure that the prophet Malachi wrote his prophetic book condemning both priests and people for their sinful defection.

 Nehemiah’s Reforms – Ch.13b

Possibly from hearing about the prophecies by Malachi and hearing different reports Nehemiah returns to Jerusalem.

 His return brings about swift and severe punishment.

v.8 – “And I was very angry…”

Nehemiah throws out the furniture of Tobiah out of the chamber. Then he gives orders to cleanse the chambers and gets the temple ready.

 The priests had to go and work the fields because the people had forsaken their covenant with God.

 The way Nehemiah handles the situation is a way that we should handle sin in our lives. We must deal with sin in a swift and severe way!


The nation of Israel, even though there were God’s people, had fallen away from God’s Word. They were an unfaithful people.

 God had no choice but to send His son Jesus, who was a faithful son to accomplish something that no person or nation could accomplish.

 Because of His faithfulness and sinlessness Jesus became the perfect sacrifice to bring redemption to an unfaithful people like us!

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