Our children are very important, not only to us, but also in the eyes of God. “Suffer the little ones to come unto me…” These powerful and poignant words from Jesus are at the heart of our children’s ministry. Our desire is that our children are impacted each week as they are brought before the presence of our God. This is accomplished in two ways:

  1. Through Worship – we desire our children to become comfortable in the presence of God as we worship Him on Sundays. We encourage parents to have their children with them for our worship service (i.e. our time of praising God in music), which lasts around 30 minutes. Our prayer is that our children will learn to love to worship the Lord themselves as they experience corporate church worship, side-by-side with their own parents as together you sing unto Him. With God’s help, our children will develop their own convictions and relationship with God.
  2. Through a Grace Kid’s Class – Then, after the conclusion of our time of singing (and a few announcements), we take about a 5 minute break, allowing our children ages 1 through 5th grade to be checked in to their Grace Kids class! We use the David C. Cook curriculum called “Bible in Life”. This curriculum has a theologically sound, comprehensive, and Bible-based emphasis. It is filled with Bible stories and pictures, Bible-based themes, activities, memory verses, and more…all from a balanced theological perspective.

During children’s ministry, you will be at ease knowing that we place a high priority on your child’s safety. We take great measures to ensure that every child’s welfare is our job #1, from the time of check-in until you pick up your child at the end of the service. Our teachers are our own church members who have happily made themselves accountable, even to the point of having submitted to background checks. We really do care about your child’s safety and experience!