The Bible commands believers to “doers of the Word, and not hearers only” (James 1:22). Abundant Grace believes that it is both the privilege and responsibility for every person to be busy learning more about God, and to represent Him to their world. We believe that this learning process continues into adult life, and never stops!

With that in mind, we work to provide ongoing ministry opportunities for both men and women to help them grow in their knowledge and application of Scripture.



The Bible places the responsibility and authority of the home squarely on the shoulders of men. Through special meetings, video series, men’s retreats, and conferences sprinkled throughout the year, our men are given the tools to learn and grow, both as individuals, husbands, and fathers.



The Bible has much to say concerning the responsibilities and roles of women in the home, life and church. Our ladies gather for such events as Women’s meetings where the Bible is taught, video series, occasional conferences or ladies retreats. We encourage women to build relationally, enjoy and encourage each other through fellowship as their season of life permits. Our desire is for women to learn and grow as individuals, wives, and mothers.


Throughout each year, Abundant Grace works to meet specific needs that face men and women through teaching contained in seminars or conferences. Issues such a parenting and finances are addressed. We regularly host seminars and offer training to parents in weekend parenting classes.

Check the calendar for the next scheduled seminar, class or conference!