The Parables Of Jesus-Week 6-The Shrewd Manager

June 9, 2024 Preacher: Rick Applegate Series: The Parables of Jesus

Topic: Value what Jesus values. Scripture: Luke 16:1–15

June 9, 2024 Rick Applegate

Parables: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Kingdom 

Text: Luke 16:1-15 

Today’s Focus Point: Value what Jesus values. 

Reason Jesus is not commending dishonest use of money: 

  1. It is contrary to everything we know regarding the nature of Jesus and  everything He taught. 
  2. v.10 “dishonest in much” – dishonesty is seen in a negative light
  3. vv.11&12 imply, if you are not faithful with important things you cannot be  trust with things that are. 
  4. v.14 The Pharisees are identified as “lovers of money”
  5. v.15 Jesus equates this as an abomination in God’s sight. 

4 Questions to Understand Parables 

  1. Does Jesus directly state the meaning? Yes! Found in vv.8b-9. 2. Are there key terms/phrases? & 3. What are the cultural contexts? v.8 “sons of this world” & own generation”. Those not following Jesus. v.8 “sons of light”. Followers of Jesus. 

vv.9,11,13 “unrighteous wealth” & “money”. Mammon. Root word =  trustworthy

Jews used this term [mammon] to personify wealth as a spiritual power. v.9 “when it [money/power of] fails.” Not occasional instances.  Rather it UTLIMATELY fails. 

v.9 “eternal dwellings”. Final state of all things. “they [friends] receive you”.  

Not a works - based salvation. Your use of money allowed many to hear the  Gospel and be saved. 

v.8 “The master commended the dishonest manager for his shrewdness.” Jesus is  arguing from the lesser to the greater

If the dishonest manager learned people are more valuable than money, HOW MUCH MORE should you! 

  1. Is there a twist? Yes. The reaction of the Master is not one of anger. Jesus is  using this Master character to drive home His point of what really matters


    1.Value people more than money. 

Jesus is commending the manger’s recognition that people are more valuable than money. 

1 John 3:17 “But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet  closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?”  

  1. Use your resources for the Kingdom of God. 

The manager expends all his energy, effort, even the master’s money  to secure his future. He had a sense of urgency

If the dishonest manger gets it, how much more should we use our resources for  eternal purposes

  1. Prepare for the Day of Reckoning

Everything belongs to God. One day you will give an account for how you used His  resources! 

These things are “ the true riches.” V.11