Live In Christ's Victory-Week 3-Victory Over Guilt And Shame

March 26, 2023 Preacher: Phil Courson Series: Live In Christ's Victory

Topic: Guilt and Shame Scripture: Genesis 2, Luke 7:36

Live in Christ’s Victory
Guilt and Shame
Sunday, March 26, 2023

Genesis 2; Luke 7:36

Because of the Resurrection, I am Free from Guilt and Shame
I. Guilt and Shame Defined
Guilt - a feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offense, wrong, etc., whether real or imagined, it arises from our actions.
Shame - the painful feeling arising from something dishonorable, improper, ridiculous,
etc., done by oneself or another.
“Shame is the deep sense that you are unacceptable because of something you did,
something done to you, or something associated with you. You feel exposed and
humiliated.” Ed Welch
“Guilt is action based, but shame is identity based. Guilt believes “I did something bad”
Shame believes “I am bad.” We feel guilty for what we did, but we are ashamed for who we are.” C. Groeschel

II. Jesus Changes Everything about Guilt and Shame
The only way to overcome shame is to move from who I am, to who Jesus Christ is.
Take the focus off us and put our focus onto Jesus.
Luke 7:36-
“In the face of shame, the worst that can happen to those in Christ is to be reminded of the great love the Lord Jesus has for his people.” Ed Welch
III. Believe the Truth about You
Because of the cross and resurrection of Jesus shame no longer has power over you!
We were once naked and ashamed, now we have been clothed in Jesus’ righteousness
We were once dirty and ugly, but now we find our beauty in Jesus
We were once ‘outcasts’ but now we are God’s people
We were once ‘unclean’ but now we are ‘clean’ in Jesus
I am Not________But because of the resurrection of Jesus I Am_____________

IV. Conclusion