Have the Right Focus – Matt. 6:19-34 Week 13

May 1, 2022 Preacher: Rick Applegate Series: Is Kingdom Living Relevant in a Modern World?

Topic: Kingdom Living, Focus Scripture: Matthew 6:19–34

Is Kingdom Living Relevant in a Modern World? #13 

May 1, 2022 Rick Applegate 

Have the Right Focus – Matt. 6:19-34 

Focus Point: What is the object of your focus? What is the focus of your attention? What has captured your heart? 

  1. Have the right focus. (vv.22-24) 1/3 of the SOM is focused on “Acts of Righteousness”. 

Giving to the poor, prayer, fasting. The eye allows us to see and light illuminates the path. 

  1. Invest in the right place. (vv.19-21) “Lay up treasures” literally “treasure up treasures”. Loving things more than Christ. Jesus shows this to be foolish, based on what moth, rust and thieves do. Test your heart on what it treasures. Treasure up treasures in heaven. How? Give to the poor with the right motivation. Pray not trying to impress. Fast without touting your sacrifice. 
  1. Base your life’s direction on the Kingdom of God. (vv.25-34) 

Jesus lists three things: food, drink and clothing. Jesus uses two common things, birds and grass.

They have several things in common: Neither work. God provides for them. 

God values you more. 

Jesus issues a rebuke: Don’t be ____________. You of ____________ faith. 

Faith is where your _________ is. 

God’s righteousness is tied to an expression of His actions, activities and what He does. 

Two groups of needy: Those without Jesus and those with physical, temporal needs. 

Preach the Gospel and give to those in need.

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