To live the Kingdom life, rest in Jesus

February 27, 2022 Preacher: Rick Applegate Series: Is Kingdom Living Relevant in a Modern World?

Topic: Kingdom Living Scripture: Matthew 5:17–20

Is Kingdom Living Relevant in a Modern World? #5
Text: Matthew 5:17-20

Focus Point:
To live the Kingdom life, rest in Jesus.
1. Who are these people?
Scribes – told people what the Law meant. Pharisees – told people how to apply the Law.
2. What are these things? (vv.17-19)
Law – Old Testament, 10 Commandments, 613 other laws.
Prophets – Their writings (Isaiah – Ezekiel; Hosea – Malachi; Joshua, Judges, 1&2 Sam., 1&2 Kings).
Commandments – The Old Testament; what Jesus was about to teach in 5:21fl.
3. What does this mean?
Abolish – To lay aside or do away with.
None of the Law or Prophets will be done away with; not one stroke of the pen.
Jesus is elevating His opinion of the Law & the Prophets. He is equating His interpretation of the
Law & the Prophets.

Fulfill the Law – Two ways:
Through His teaching – Truth/Accurate
His deeds/lifestyle – Credits of Righteousness
His death & resurrections – Paid the penalty
Prophetic Promise:
February 27, 2022 Rick Applegate
Jesus fulfilled all that the Old Testament was pointing to as the coming Savior and Messiah.
Us (humanity) Jesus (Savior)
4. What do I do?
Obey the commandments. Your righteousness must surpass that of the Scribes and Pharisees.
Unbelievers – must rest by putting faith in Jesus.
Faith has three components: (Illustration of a chair)
Know Information
Agree with Information.
Trust the Information.
Believers – must rest in Jesus by trusting Him to empower you.
How you don’t do this:
Don’t be passive. Don’t do it through human effort.
How do you rest in Jesus? An example, a quote and scriptures:
Example – Cry out to God for help with honesty.

Quote – C.S. Lewis “As the Holy Spirit catches us up into ‘Their dance’, it makes sense that the way
we relate to each other begins to approximate the way ‘They’ relate…”
Scriptures – Gal. 5:16;25; Jer. 31:33; Eze. 36:25; Ps. 40:8

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